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            With the years passing, Homeworld was ruled by White and Yellow Diamond. We Creators saw no need to follow Gemkind's growth any longer. They had become an increasingly wise and kind species. Population size swelled, and Homeworld created many outposts on worlds. They chose worlds without intelligent life to settle on as opposed to some of our earlier interactions, though White and Yellow often argued the merits of settling and raising up other societies as we Creators had. As they clashed between one another they decided to leave the choice to Gemkind as a whole, and held a vote. Though close, it was ultimately decided to limit interaction with other species' for the foreseeable future.


Yellow Diamond set herself apart from her sister by focusing less on her kinds ability to shapeshift, and more in the limits of what Gems could themselves do. She became obsessed with synchronization of Gems. She felt that there must be something more Gems could do as she had personally witnessed some Gems enter some unknown state, similar to shape shifting...yet different. Two Gems would glow but no new effect would occur. The White Effect as it was known originally, was studied heavily by Yellow. The stumbling block in her research finally gave way when two Gems who were gemforming part of an offworld mountain. They triggered a landslide that would've cracked one of their gems. For reasons unknown when one Gem tackled the other to push the other out of the way they briefly coalesced into a singular being known as Zoisite. Though the form only lasted several minutes before coming undone it was what Yellow Diamond awaited all this time. Fusion was discovered.


But while Yellow Diamond reveled in her research panning out what she could not predict was a new member of her family having formed.


Homeworld welcomed its Blue Diamond.

The Mind

            The Creators now further aged worked alongside White Diamond. Possessing great authority over others of Gemkind she had unique abilities. Truly above all her other abilities, was her mind. An eager learner she philosophized and challenged other Gems to grow in ways The Creators had not ever conceived. She pushed Gemkind to grow beyond what they were. She taught new abilities of the mind.

            Gems were always able to regenerate upon damage, but White Diamond stressed an opportunity not seen before. After retreating to their gem, Gems projected a new form that was an exact copy of their old as was tradition. White Diamond showed others this moment was truly the greatest moment of personal growth. A Gem could in fact change their base form and create a more powerful form in some ways. If your prior form was injured why replicate it exactly once more? Stagnation was no longer the norm and progress was encouraged.  

            The Creators marveled at White Diamonds mental acuity. In many ways she surpassed them. If she could teach Gems as such, The Creators realized that perhaps their own time truly had come to end in ruling and to leave Gemkind to their own devices. A vote was drawn but it was decided it was too early to abandon their world. Too many of The Creators wished to see more and witness Gemkind's growth. Some worried that without guidance Gem Society would collapse, as occurred with other species time after time.

            So The Creators stood and as they created more Gems the day came when the second miracle occurred. White Diamond would soon have a sister in ruling, a new Diamond was born, Yellow.

Legends tell of a species from before. Their worlds history had much war, sadness and death.  After many generations they united their world and finally ended the bloodshed, and in this great era of peace afterwards they became what was known as the Creators. To this day their former names are lost as little of their pre-Creators history survived.  

            The Creators lived very long lives as they mastered many forms of science and magic. Soon time came and their abilities were seen as a mix of both, a rarity in all of the sentients of the universe. For a time they traveled the stars uplifting other species into modern paradises before returning to their own world.

            Though the Creators lived long lives their numbers were always small and so they slowly spiraled towards extinction. In the last of their life cycles they created a new form of life, one they wished to replace them when they were gone. Crafted in their images this new species came in as many hues as the Creators themselves.

            They crafted, grew and taught them over the millennia. Multiple types of the species existed and their skills varied as well. The process to create them while uniform on occasion created a particularly different individual for unknown reasons. The Creators reasoned that perhaps the individuals were too individual and the process somehow corrected itself to give the individuals a leader to follow. This first individual became the species' leader when the Creators grew too aged to rule regularly.

And so Gemkinds White Diamond was born.


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A handy list of stuff I'm looking forward to.

A piece by Jeff Moy
A piece by Garrett Blair
A piece by Tom Grummett

Digital piece by Daniel Lucanu

And aside from that, time to finish the school semester. What a rush. D:
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